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This observation inspired the writing of the book, says Mwangi Gitahi, a runner and manager at Nike Running Flatiron, Flatiron District. Captured the attention of runners everywhere who now wished to emulate this tribe and get back to running the way we were all born to run. Theory is that because there is more surface area on your forefoot than your heel, the impact of hitting the ground is displaced over a greater area in comparison to when the weight of landing is absorbed by the relatively small heel.

But he wasn sure. Thought they might be East Koreans, or something.) And the really bad North Korean guy is apparently a guy named the name of a bad guy, MMJ tells me. Surprisingly, this was not a very good movie. But if Winslow can reach and fulfill his 2015 lottery pick destiny, then this roster can have far more possibilities than last season. How Winslow plays and contributes will be one of the most important aspects of this coming season. Thus, No.

Now PayPal will let you encrypt the button so only gobbledygook shows up in the source. On top of this, the system will send you a confirmation email each time a successful buyer downloads your products. This is excellent for your record keeping; you will know how many people actually downloaded your products.

Whatever it was, Tiger Woods has been as much a cultural comet in professional golf as a victorious one. Open in 2008, Woods drew mores eyes to him and his sport than any other golfer ever. In his prime, Woods turned tournaments into must watch events, even for those who’d never teed up a golf ball..

He said he even likely would have signed with FSU during the early period in December had it not been for a coaching change at the end of the season. The new coaching staff under Willie Taggart, however, reassured him that FSU was still the place to go and he committed Sunday. It also helped that Odell Haggins the holdover defensive line coach from Jimbo Fisher’s staff is still on board..

As hard pulsing sexuality wanes, we have the opportunity to savor sensuality’s gains. Instead of thinking retirement, let us learn refirement. Let us live as we are coming to be: loving, sexy, sexual sages. He’s instinctual with a lot of athletic ability, and very effective. I think he’ll go somewhere around the fourth round. He’s an interesting backup initially because he can be a change of pace guy for an offense.

Analyst Sabahat Khan downgraded the leading manufacturer of hockey and baseball equipment to sector perform from outperform, and slashed his price target to US$3.50 from US$12.50. Hockey customers.consolidation among Performance Sports hockey customers could limit growth of hockey equipment sales these retailers rationalize/merge inventory and supply chains, the analyst said in a research note.He had anticipated year over year earnings growth in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2016 as a result of more product launches in the hockey segment.However, Khan noted that slower sales in both baseball and softball equipment, as well as operational challenges at several Performance Sports customers, led to both write downs and higher bad debt reserves, which are now expected to negatively impact earnings.The analyst expects the company lower earnings outlook will push Performance Sports leverage ratio as high as the low double digit range by the end of the year. He thinks an equity issuance would help relieve some of this pressure, and potential boost the stock valuation..

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Years later when we relocated to Toronto, I read my kids The Hockey Sweater by Roch Carrier, bought all of them Canadiens jerseys since we now resided deep behind enemy lines within Leafs Nation, and made annual pilgrimages to Montreal to watch the Canadiens play. When my eldest child was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and feeling understandably down, she received a personalized, very supportive, confidence boosting email from Rejean Houle, President of the Canadiens Alumni. You can imagine how that solidified her conviction to the team..

2 player in Florida by Rivalsrated the No. 1 defensive end recruit and No. 13 player overall by ESPNranked the No. C vrai, quoi, est ce que le batteur doit obligatoirement se trouver derri le chanteur et les guitaristes ? On peut voir des tonnes de shows dans une vie, mais si la musique varie, sa pr reste souvent statique. Mon travail consiste trouver un environnement pour la po dit celle qui tente de briser les conventions qui se sont mises en place dans des espaces fixes. G : Abstract : The Art of Design transformera votre regard sur les choses et les gens, ce qui est en soi une proposition assez rare.

Vic LeGall, a Portland native, had been a lifelong lover of the water. He owned a sailboat at age 12 and as a teenager found a passion for whitewater rafting. After 35 years working jobs in logistics, truck driving, warehousing and other occupations, he found work in the boat repair business.

“I just felt bad for Mark. I love him like a brother. He’s a tremendous person. How could the first black president be responsible for his actions? How can we hold Barack Obama accountable for anything? Yes, that what you believe. But what does this all really matter as long as you have your pathetic cell phone with your pathetic Facebook and pathetic Twitter? And how could I forget now you have health care. No you don Because health insurance is not health care.

When officers arrived in the area, they contacted a large group of people that were waiting to enter Nike Portland. Based on preliminary information, officers believe a newer red Toyota Camry was driven in front of Nike Portland, when an occupant of the Camry fired a gun into the air. Shortly after the occupant of the Camry fired the gun, multiple people that were waiting to enter the store ran in multiple directions..

If James chooses to challenge the NBA’s collective barganing agreement in court, he’ll probably win the case because of his right to work once he’s 18. His legal team could argue that he is being denied his right to pursue his potential earnings, considering NBA scouts say the 6 foot 7 Akron (Ohio) St. Vincent St.

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Despite the growing political influence of China, try asking an American to name a Chinese company and you’re not likely to get much of an answer. To battle China’s reputation for cheap imitations, Li Ning has hired top designers from Portland’s rich pool of shoe design talent and placed its high end sportswear in an airy showroom in a Portland’s chic Pearl district. (See pictures of Olympic shoes.).

Media allows consumers to have a voice with other consumers this can be a positive or a negative, says David Reibstein, professor of marketing at Wharton. You got a good or funny ad, or a really big celebrity, it could have a much broader reach with social media. But there a down side to it, too.

Allow two experts to explain, sans sarcasm Catherine Adams Phinizy (Conn College Class of 1971)For 15th century Florentine artist Paolo di Dono, the bird was the word. He loved feathered creatures so much that he acquired the nickname “Uccello” (“bird”). Italian painter Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi, born in 1445, inherited his older brother’s nickname, “Botticelli,” which meant “little barrel.” Similarly, 16th century Italian painter Jacopo Robusti was tinted with “Tintoretto” (“the little dyer”) because his father was a “tintore” (silk dyer).

I like it so much. Batman Director Tim Burton, the films have ellipse created a black Batman with the utility of heavy belt armor yellow yellow emblem on the chest, boots, chest armor and integrated forearm the bat emblem. It was the base model based all subsequent action of Batsuits on life..

Yes I can compare Pinkerton to Cold Spring who lost to Wellesley, so now Wellesley is better then Meadow? SJS is a formidable appt who beat X and SJP last year, let’s see how they are this year. By the way, I NEVER question DUX at all but you put Medfield in there and yet all the teams listed above are Dux’s except for Cold Spring. Meadow does play a comparable schedule to Medfield, Pinkerton is right there with BG in NH who beat Needham.

Generalul invingator putea fi onorat de catre armata cu titlul de Imperator. In acest caz avea dreptul la onorurile triumfului: isi facea intrarea in Roma intr un car incoronat cu lauri, avand fata fardata cu rosu aprins si fiind acoperit cu o manta de purpura. De pe la mijlocul anilor ’60, tinerele au propria lor moda.

KYW Newsradio 1060Traffic. Weather. Breaking news. Lawson are back with a new single after 18 months away but have the fans missed them?We chatted to lead guitarist Joel Peat about their Manchester signing, supporting Take That and gigging in the Rovers19:34, 1 JUN 2015Updated20:20, 1 JUN 2015Get What’s On updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailAfter being away from the spotlight for 18 months Lawson fans could be forgiven for being a little impatient for the band’s latest single, and for a chance to meet the foursome.Luckily, with their new single out and racing up the charts, the boys were more than happy to oblige, performing an intimate gig at an album signing in HMV, Manchester Arndale.”The Manchester signing was really good, we have not done one in a while. So it was really nice because we saw a lot of familiar faces, you know people who had supported us for six years, since we have been together.”And we have got this new single and the acoustic version and a B side so it is nice to have a catch up with everyone and see they like the new song.”(Image: Dominic Salter)For the first single ‘Roads’ off their second album the four members, Andy Brown, Joel Peat, Ryan Fletcher and Adam Pitts, have been touring the country, making stops all over including a gig inside the Rovers Return on the old Coronation Street set.Joel said: “The feedback has kind of restored our faith a little bit. We were worrying, with our last single Juliet doing so well it really opened us up to a whole new audience and a lot of people just associate us with Juliet.”So to everyone come back after this time away and still supporting us has been great.”Performing in the Rovers was pretty cool.

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Reid played track and football while staying on the honor roll. He received multiple honors, including the Hartford Public Invite, Adidas Indoor Shot Put Champion, and was named a Nike All American. Reid received the Albert Leboeuf Award while studying at the University of Rhode Island.

En couple avec une femme plus jeune suppose aussi une certaine adaptation, explique l’anthropologue et Serge Bouchard, qui a 11 ans de plus que sa compagne. Ma blonde est beaucoup plus que moi. Des fois, elle dit : “On va aller en Europe”. “So these are rare, rare, rare.”Nike Dunk Low Pro SB SBTG. These were “at the top of my Holy Grail list for the longest time,” says Flight Club Los Angeles employee Bobby Araujo, who recently bought a pair of the sable green/metallic gold low profile (“low pro”) skateboard sneakers (“SBs”). These marked the first time corporate Nike had collaborated with an underground sneaker customizer in this case, Singapore based Mark Ong, aka SBTG (pronounced “Sabotage”) essentially giving him carte blanche to customize Nike Dunks with his artwork.The 2004 Kobe Bryant Air Force 1 PE.

It would be nutty, of course, to argue that Android failure to overcome the iOS software advantage means that Apple has nothing to be paranoid about on the app front. But maybe the big scary threat isn Android. Maybe it the same one that eventually made Windows less of an inevitable fact of life on the desktop: As cloud based services got more and more sophisticated, and the business models behind them improved, the apps available for any particular platform stopped mattering that much.

Revenue from online operations rose 33% in the quarter, but Mr Parker said there was much more to do. “It’s a pretty big gap between where e commerce is today and where we can take it,” he said. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.

The all in one makeup collection I’ve been using for the past couple of years is in a big, clunky train case, so it doesn’t travel well. This one by Laura Mercier comes in a faux snakeskin organizer, fits in your purse and has almost everything you need eyeliner, eye shadow, blushers and brushes, all in the latest colors. It’s portable glamour..

The absence of a lower cost Android device from BlackBerry Ltd. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona a few weeks ago, could be a sign that the company is moving closer to exiting the hardware business.While there are a number of possible reasons for the delayed launch, TD Securities analyst Daniel Chan thinks the lack of this widely expected product may mean a strategy change is coming.He noted that by exiting the hardware business, BlackBerry would become a US$1.4 billion per year enterprise software company, with a forecasted operating margin of 33 per cent and US$1.4 billion in net cash.That is a better overall picture than today, Chan told clients.Facebook dropping BlackBerry support in latest blow to smartphone makerWhy BlackBerry Ltd is getting into cybersecurity servicesFacebook Inc changes the like button worldwide to add more reactionsAfter WhatsApp announced in late February that it will stop supporting all BlackBerry devices by the end of 2016, and BlackBerry itself telling users the Facebook app will no longer function on BB10 after March 31 (they will have to use the web version), the operating system days could be numbered.only are there no BB10 devices in the pipeline, but also the loss of two of the most popular mobile apps across all platforms could lead to the end of life of BB10, the analyst said.That could produce a lot of savings for BlackBerry, since the research and development associated with its handset business is estimated to be between 30 and 50 per cent of total R spending.Investors may learn more about its plans when fourth quarter results are reported on Friday, April 1.So what can we expect from BlackBerry going forward?One thing to look out for is the company first internet of things product, BlackBerry Radar, an integrated trailer management service, which includes a self powered device, connectivity, and cloud based apps. It is seen as a turnkey solution for managing containers, trailers, and inventory with improved efficiency, will be unveiled at the Mid Atlantic Trucking Show that begins on March 31 in Kentucky..

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“It’s going to be a lot of knee strengthening,” the Cubs outfielder said Monday night. “My knee is strong already. We got to get the quick movements down, cutting, obviously, the unexpected cutting, things like that. Susie Eaton, long term care business partner for Parkland Health Center, is responsible for promoting and maintaining an effective working relationship between Parkland Health Center and the long term care facilities with whom they share patient responsibilities. Throughout her 39 years of employment at Parkland Health Center, she has held several positions including staff nurse, head nurse, nurse manager, assistant director of nurses, director of ancillary services and manager care utilization. She won the Leadership Award in 1995 for her redesign of delivery of nursing services and for serving as a role model in mentoring and teaching of patient care staff.

Pitino doesn’t need a ton of money because of his Celtics contract and his likely estimated $1.5 plus million severance package. Sources close to Pitino said he doesn’t want to be in a small college town. But he does want to go to an established program where basketball is treated as the top sport..

As for the golf, many familiar names with histories of past success in Fort Worth will be part of the mix to claim the 2016 title. The last seven Colonial winners, including defending champion Chris Kirk, will compete. So will several players with plans to represent their countries in the 2016 Olympics, where golf will return to the Summer Games for the first time since 1904.

Flei ige Damen einiger Buickfreunde hatten Kuchen gemacht und schon bald sa eine kleine nette Runde von Buick Enthusiasten zusammen. Ein wunderbares Bild bot sich auf dem Firmengel nde von Lothar Rietze. Da standen sie, die Prachtexemplare aus USA. Evans recommends an alternative approach that relies on a quantitative long/short model that eliminates exposure to the primary risks: gold price and valuation. This is intended to give company specific factors a greater opportunity to drive performance.CIBC long/short approach has managed to generate significant positive alpha approximately 13% per year since 2008 and is therefore considered the safest way to invest in gold given how much uncertainty the sector faces.the risk associated with shorting and leverage, we would argue that investors are at far greater risk from commodity price and valuation forecast errors our preference is for strategies that are agnostic to these inputs, Mr. Evans said in a report.The analyst outlined a few key factors with the best predictive accuracy for capturing alpha from gold stocks over the past five years.The first is profitability, as the most successful companies have been those that have remained profitable, or at least minimized losses.Next, Mr.

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The encouragement and support I’ve received from my teammates made me feel comfortable. They have believed in me more than I believed in myself. They have really kept me going.”. I tend to believe that Brunson to Illinois hurts our chances with Thomas and Bragg. If UI lands Brunson, Evans will most likely default to Oklahoma State. I don’t think Thomas would pass up the opportunity to play with both of his buddies, Gilder and Evans.

1. This promotion is open to residents of Great Britain, excluding employees and their immediate families of HJ Heinz and Manchester Evening News and anyone else professionally connected with the promotion. 2. “We didn’t skip a beat. It just felt like we were practicing every day for the past year,” goalie Asa Goldstock said of the Florida trip. “It was a great experience to come back from winter break off of school and just be with your team again, be with your family.

She says she has been vaping for 2 years after being a nearly 2 pack a day cigarette smoker. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is looking into regulating a popular smoking alternative better known as e cigarettes. Advocates say they work and don’t pose any harm, but doctors aren’t so sure that’s the case..

Watch an NFL game in a bar there sometime and perk your ears up whenever a white person makes a play on offense. There will be comments. They will be loud and shitty and nothing you’d ever say out loud if you weren’t completely comfortable in the knowledge that almost everyone around you feels the exact same way..

A lot of people are looking for bolder flavors and the Southwestern flavor profile is appealing to a lot of people.”Maureen covers agencies as well as all things mobile, including the carriers, handsets and advertising, for Ad Age out of San Francisco. She previously wrote about the marketing of the fast food industry for Ad Age while also covering the agency world. Before entering reporting, she was Ad Age’s research editor, helping lead research and analysis for the publication’s reports including the Agency Report, Leading National Advertisers and 100 Leading Media Companies..

The answer is up). (D III) Lost to Bates so have to move them down. (Dehuntshigwa’es) Bad loss to Bates . Welcome to Ad Age’s Wake Up Call, our daily roundup of advertising, marketing, media and digital news. What people are talking about today: Facebook faces a deluge of new criticism and scrutiny over its handling of user data. Want answers about how exactly Cambridge Analytica, a political data firm that worked on President Trump’s 2016 election campaign, was reportedly able to obtain and use data on tens of millions of Facebook users.

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At the United States Military Preparatory School he graduated 10th in his class. As a patriot he had great respect for the military and love for his country. He graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering. Chinese province Anhui recently agreed to give women paid monthly leave if they produce a doctor’s letter detailing their problem periods. So before Coexist introduces the scheme, Bex plans to formulate the policy with her team as part of a seminar called ‘Pioneering Period Policy: Valuing the Natural Cycles in the Workplace’. It will look into some of the criticisms of menstrual leave, such as whether taking time off due to period pain threatens women’s employability and whether it is unfair to male employees.

The athletic director did note, and one can almost hearing him sniffing, you know, sniff, sniff, that times are tough budget wise in the state of oregon, and as in much of the country, the educational institutions in oregon have suffered. Oh, the sad fate of our poor country cousins, you can almost hear him intone. Oh, the people one does have to deign to associate with, when no one of ones stature is about in the neighborhood: if only the “dub” were a west coast branch of the “ivy league.”.

“When people think mosaic they don’t think what I do. People think of bathroom framed mirrors, or flower pots, or things that their aunt did to some craft class or whatnot. And I really try and turn that concept on its head. Juwan Durham wanted out. Steven Enoch, who had so much to learn about defense and learning plays, wanted out. Yes, transfers are the bane of college basketball in 2017.

While fashion trends come and go, the most successful top american clothing brands have evolved their clothing lines to reflect these changes. Whether it’s polo shirts and penny loafers, or women’s lingerie and daisy dukes, these 5 best American clothing brands have given superior apparel to fashion minded customers as they will continue to last for generations to come. I don’t doubt that my grandchildren’s grandchildren will be wearing some of these fashion brands.

Saturday. $16 $42.95. 408 E. Increasing up in Chicago, football is in my quite DNA. Trustworthy to God and palms to heaven just one of my incredibly very first phrases was “Butkus.” Two teams of large men lining up on possibly facet and smashing into every other? Hell yeah! All just to acquire a very little bit of ground. It’s gladiatorial.

Under that agreement, police would not acknowledge the shoes were knockoffs of the Nike brand even as six undercover police officers and FBI agents loaded about 100 cases of fake Nikes into a tractor trailer. One of the officers told the truck driver not to say where the shoes were to be delivered. Media relations office..

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She remembers some of the footage included Hall of Fame guard John Stockton, perhaps the last NBA player to wear short shorts before the present day practitioners. He also happens to be the father of another Gonzaga teammate, point guard Laura Stockton. Actually haven talked to him (about his shorts), but I probably should, as much as I see him, Templeton says..

Officiating didn’t cost the Kamloops Blazers the game with the visiting Vancouver Giants a week ago tonight. But the standard set by referees Steve Papp and Matt Thurston in the first period when they let a number of violations pass them by had certainly changed by the last minute of the third period. The Vancouver Canucks opened a seven game homestand with a 2 0 victory over the St.

According to Cetin’s Facebook page, he went to Oak Harbor High School, formerly worked as a bagger at Whidbey Island Commissary and still lives in Oak Harbor, Washington. Saturday as he was walking down the street. Law enforcement staged a massive search over more than 20 hours for the suspect, initially described by witnesses as a young Hispanic male wearing black..

In Chicago, just like every other Super Bowl dating back to the first on Jan. 15, 1967. Here is a look the balls at the center of the action:. Saturday marked the national release of the Air Jordan 13 Retro “He Got Game” model, which retails for about $170, as well as the Air Jordan 13 GS, a grey and pink sneaker for girls that sells for around $115. Air Jordan debuts typically attract crowds of sneaker enthusiasts, some of whom arrive early to get in line before stores open. Some people waited outside the Springfield shoe store all night, according to Murray.

Many of these apparently random distinctions actually have logical explanations. Take the dog example, says Rick Bruner, Viant vice president of data and analytics. Democrats are more likely to live in small urban spaces without yards. Turning the nano sideways puts you in coverflow mode, Jobs pointed out. It sports a 24 hour battery life for music or four hours for video. Available for $149 for 8GB and $199 for 16GB, the updated nano should be on shelves by the weekend.

Colleges are only part of Under Armour’s growth strategy. It also has an increasing number of partnerships with professional athletes and clubs including overseas athletes in soccer and other sports and will become the uniform provider for Major League Baseball starting in 2020. Women’s and golf apparel have become increasingly important lines, and the company heavily promotes its apps and other fitness technology..

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A: “Yeah, it was hard telling some of the coaches I was really considering, and some of the top coaches in the country, that I wasn’t going to be considering them anymore. It was definitely tough, but it was also a relief to get it down to six schools, and being able to focus on those six, not getting all the text messages every day from different schools. Now it’s down to these six, and I’m happy with that list.”.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe green and white have the third strongest brand among professional sports teams in Canada, according to a survey conducted by Saskatoon based Insightrix Research Inc. And Regina based ad agency, The Phoenix Group.The Roughriders’ placed second in the survey for perception of popularity. The Riders flag is seen here on the HMCS Regina.

Not even be close to my goal and also run slower than last week was just a lot to take all at once. My legs felt a little tired in this race, so that had its effects as well. I just wish the few who did badly at Meet of Champion and I could have one more shot at Holmdel.

“The practices are open to high school coaches any day, every day,” Diaco said. “When the coaches were in the schools, they had the chance to tell them, ‘We’ve got a clinic for you guys in the spring where you can come, full access, full meetings, full practice and full staff access afterward. We have six very inexpensive, a 100 percent service to the players in the state, and we’re going to have six clinics at the end of June.

All demands to develop such instruction needs to be accepted due to the Human Resources Director consequently the above method are going to have to be actually observed. Purchasing the various other individual to provide files etc Comments: 0You can use social networking sites web sites as a way to market your company, product or services. This has come to be more and more necessary to possess a presence on social networking web sites like Facebook and also MySpace In addition to these prominent socials media, there are actually also several specialized social media networks that may be the best area to put together camp for details products.

5 at Dietz Stadium. Ages are 8 13 with 13 year old players required to be in the 7th grade and play interior line positions only. There are 2 divisions: 8 10 Junior and 11 13 Senior. We all healthy now. I think we capable of a better effort Saturday than we had at states. Reach Portland, the F M boys will likely need a season best effort.

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And by all accounts, Ray Rice is otherwise a pretty good guy, which is what Mrs. Rice no doubt sees that others don’t. Then, too, she was visibly intoxicated when they got onto that elevator and they both admitted at a remorseful press conference in May that they had been drinking heavily that night..

You already have enough excusessabotaging your New Year’s resolution to get fit: you’re busy at work, you’re feeling tired, there’s a new episode of The Bachelor on TV. So don’t let an ugly duffel bag that you’re too embarrassed to carry in public hold you back from logging a sweat session. The gym bag you use to tote around your clothes, sneakers, and toiletries should be so stylish that you want to show it off and inspire you to go work out, of course.

Medical staff has a good handle on it, Pens coach Mike Sullivan told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. He ready to play or he getting close, and we get him on the ice, we let you guys know. I really don want to go down the road of talking details of his injury.

We had a very wonderful printer controller that we designed, we had Adobe PostScript software, and we had AppleTalk in there. Just awesome technology in a box. And I remember seeing the first printout come out of it. Earlier this month, Cranny set her sights on an even bigger prize on the national stage. In Portland, Ore., Cranny competed in the Nike Cross Nationals and, feeling as though she was the underdog, finished second in the 198 harrier field and was on the shoulder of eventual champion Alexa Efraimson of Camas, Washington. Efraimson, a junior, won the race in 16 minutes, 50.1 seconds and Cranny was just three seconds behind at 16:53.8.

Other tribes soon followed. Today there are 36 tribal colleges and universities (TCUs) located across the country on or near Indian reservations, empowering 23,000 full time and 130,000 total American Indian students and empowering their communities.In addition to being used by the College Fund to promote its scholarships, the Think Indian campaign is also being delivered to the 36 TCUs so that they can affordably market their institutions to their communities.Often underfunded, tribal colleges are typically unable to afford an advertising campaign with a large firm like Wieden+Kennedy. The College Fund, a partner with the agency for nearly 30 years thanks to W+K co founder David Kennedy’s dedication to Native issues, approached W+K about creating the campaign on a pro bono basis.

I don’t know. I don’t know.”Police said a bloodhound K 9 tracked Doherty’s scent to Maple Street in Bellingham, prompting police in that town to ask residents to check sheds and outbuildings for any sign that the 20 year old had been on their property.”We are devastated, heartbroken and don’t wish this on anyone, ever. And we just want our son home,” Nancy Doherty said.Doherty was wearing a blue T shirt with a Nike symbol, black pants and sneakers.