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You can request a free recipe pamphlet. Automated assistance is available all day, every day year round. Through Dec. DesignersLocal Bozeman Schools Put Together Data on Grade School Students and Their Technology SkillsLocal Bozeman Schools Put Together Data on Grade School Students and Their Technology SkillsThis is the first year that the school board has had enough data to do an elementary writing and technology study. “A large percentage of our students are proficient in technology. However it also depends on how much technology they have access to outside of school,” said Robert Watson, Bozeman Schools Superintendent Parents fill out a form at the beginning of the year saying whether their kids have access to technology at home and how much time the kids are allowed to useThis is the first year that the school board has had enough data to do an elementary writing and technology study.

Surveillance video shows the man walking up to the store and holding the door open as another person leaves before going inside, eventually making his way up to the counter and talking with the clerk for several seconds before walking away and out the door. When the man returns, he walks quickly up to the counter and pulls out a gun, which he shows to the clerk. After the clerk hands him a plastic bag, he leaves..

I was in Argentina, where the average person consumes at least a pound of meat per day. My appetite was ready to assimilate to the gaucho grilling lifestyle. So for 10 days straight, I devoured red meat and guzzled red wine Malbec, of course during my grape escape through Mendoza, Buenos Aires and Patagonia..

Make sure you Adhere to one rule when you join those fantastic groups that is do not Spam. But as with something worthwhile it is worth the time you will spend on creating your talent. So start writing. Some of the runners for the team will race one more time this year. Hough has taken a group of runners to the Nike Cross in Arizona shortly after the conclusion of the cross country season for a number of years to give some runners another chance to compete. That trip will happen again this year, with the race taking place on Nov..

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileTop federal bureaucrats held private meetings with a lobbyist for the interests of the world’s tax havens, and one of them even provided talking points that went against Canada’s official stance on greater transparency of corporate ownership, records in the Paradise Papers reveal.The meetings with London based Canadian lawyer Richard Hay were not reported to the federal lobbying registry and Hay himself was not registered to lobby in Canada potentially violating the law depending on what exactly was said, an investigation by Radio Canada and the Toronto Star has found.The meetings took place starting in summer 2013, two months after the world’s first big leak of offshore financial records, a predecessor to the Panama Papers and now the Paradise Papers.The 2013 leak had shown how the anonymity provided by tax havens allowed people to set up offshore companies and hide billions of dollars in assets.At the 2013 G8 summit in Northern Ireland, hosted by Britain’s then PM David Cameron, second from left, one of the major agenda items was how to boost the transparency of who really owns private corporations. (Bertrand Langlois/AFP/Getty)When Cameron made the issue a major agenda item at the G8 meeting in Northern Ireland that June, the world’s tax havens sensed a possible crackdown on their livelihood.Up stepped a lobbying group called the International Financial Centres Forum, whose very name uses a euphemism for tax havens.Comprising the planet’s major offshore law firms which help set up and administer offshore companies the IFC Forum mounted a broad communications and PR campaign involving elected officials and civil servants from both sides of the Atlantic.And Richard Hay, from the Montreal founded firm Stikeman Elliott, was its point man.’Annihilation’ of tax havens fearedIn a May 2013 email marked “urgent,” Hay told IFC Forum members that “with media and political support,” various NGOs were seeking “annihilation for British IFCs” a reference to tax haven jurisdictions like the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands and Bermuda.So Hay headed out to meet government officials from the G8 countries, hoping to drum up resistance to some of Cameron’s proposals. According to the confidential minutes of a July 2013 IFC Forum meeting, Hay landed a meeting with Russian officials in London.

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At the end of the Triassic, about 201 million years ago, a second burst of mass volcanism doubled atmospheric carbon. Coral reefs collapsed and many sea creatures vanished. Noting that tropical species fared the worst, some scientists question if global warming rather than ocean acidification was the main killer at this time..

DHA so as you’ll find on this site a few of the attributes are. These soft tofus are often find the product examined on human volunteers and. But they’re one step closer after reviewing a draft is predicted to assist. The timing of Singh actions, though, was telling. In the months after the meeting between Monsanto and Rao man in Mumbai, the agriculture ministry first challenged and then slashed the royalties Monsanto is able to charge in India. The ministry called for an antitrust investigation into alleged monopolistic practices by the company.

The guards aren’t sure either. “People just don’t know what’s going on,” says Marshall Rodriguez, the owner of the security firm in charge of the backstage area of Vibes. (Indeed, two cops interviewed for this story referred to the gas as “helium.”) A few years ago Rodriguez almost shut down his business after one of his guards was pistol whipped and another threatened at knifepoint by nitrous dealers at a festival in West Virginia.

Of course the problem with the Dream Team, and its successors representing the United States in Olympic basketball, is that they are automatic overdogs. The world outside the United States would love to see them lose it’s “Break up the Yankees,” on a planetary scale. Ice hockey team at Lake Placid in the 1980 Winter Olympics the “Do you believe in miracles?” team was cherished because they won when they were said to have no chance.

From a bank of 2,25,001 crowd sourced images of cricket crazy youngsters, a film was created using 1,440 images. The film features ‘seamless action’, as the agency puts it, across a thousand playing fields; it’s a film of the game in motion, basically. The same action was also captured, by 108 traveling photographers, in playgrounds, streets, gullies and cricket pitches across India..

Radar systems detect the presence, direction or range of aircraft, ships or other, usually moving objects. This is achieved by sending pulses of high frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF). Invented some 60 years ago, radar systems have been widely used for navigation, aviation, national defence and weather forecasting.

But I want to go back in time: our starting lineup that we played for 14 straight games, I didn’t think was going to be our starting lineup when we were in Spain. But we had some things occur that were out of our control. Davon Reed went down with an injury and Deandre Burnett got hurt and he missed four games.

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Has made it to the final in all four of the previous Olympic tournaments for women, winning gold three times. This year’s 12 nation field could be the deepest in Olympic history, featuring not only World Cup champion Japan but seven other teams listed among the top 10 in the FIFA world rankings.”But we also really understand the importance of the Olympics. We realize just being there is such a great accomplishment.”Which is why, after her first Games appearance in 2004, Boxx had the Olympic rings drawn in black ink on her ankle, matching the tattoo her sister Gillian got after winning a gold medal in softball in 1996.”For me, it’s very memorable,” says Boxx, who confessed it was a no brainer when it came time to decide how she and her sister would permanently mark the accomplishment..

6 It not just hippies making the special events world eco friendly. The Philadelphia Eagles claim to be the greenest team in the NFL and not just because of the color of its jerseys. Starting this season, the team “Go Green” environmental campaign has its stadium cleaning crew making two full sweeps after each game one to pick up recyclables and another for trash..

The Cold War thawed. The Nike missile program was dissolved, its launch sites dismantled. Roads and neighborhoods and the Montgomery County Airpark were built around Nike site W 94 along what is now Snouffer School Road. The American media travelling with Kerry were the first ones to inform the general public about Delhi famous traffic woe befalling the former US senator. The former US senator, who landed at the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA), before his scheduled time of arrival, was stuck in traffic as he exited the airport. The journey from the airport to the US embassy at a distance of almost 13 kilometers via NH48, usually takes 18 minutes without traffic.

Real VideoInstall Any introduction into basic advertising will tell you that a little controversy can be good. And controversy is what women’s shoe manufacturer Candie’s has gotten over the months with its edge of good taste print and TV ad campaign featuring Jenny star Jenny McCarthy. Now, the company says MTV the music television network McCarthy used to work for rejected its latest two Jenny commercials and is “rethinking” its advertising strategy on the cable channel.

October 11, 2011By Ira Winderman, South Florida Sun SentinelMIAMI LeBron James has spent a good portion of the NBA lockout sporting jerseys in exhibitions that feature “BBNS” on the back, part of Nike’s “Basketball Never Stops” push.But the NBA has stopped, with the first two weeks of the regular season canceled amid the lockout Monday night by Commissioner David Stern.So does that mean football is about to start for the muscular Miami Heat forward?Tuesday, on his Twitter account, James posted a query to ESPN NFL analyst John Clayton, “When is the deadline for a team to sign a free agent?”Clayton responded on his Twitter account, “LeBron, sorry to get back to you so late. Free agency goes until last team is eliminated. Game on.”Clayton followed with two more posts.First, “LeBron, because you have some time and you were a WR, the 49ers just signed Brett Swain.

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Pops urged the audience not to get lost in the finer details of consumerism. Brands, according to him, are lifeless entities and brand managers need to understand consumers at a human level. “Whether traditional or organised, retailers should use common sense and human insights instead of complicating things with research,” said he.

“Earning a living should not come at the cost of anyone’s safety, dignity or morale,” Rhimes said in a statement appearing in a Time’s Up email. “Every person should get to work in an environment free from abuse, assault and discrimination. It’s well past time to change the culture of the environment where most of us spend the majority of our day work place.

Streamlined the whole design so it was bolder and more impactful than some jerseys of the past, Black said. Deep into the history of Canadian hockey there is a long list of executions of design of that leaf. From the past, from the future and from now, you can always find a way to reinterpret or re state the central icon..

Training tops are slightly cheaper around 45, though long sleeved ones can creep up as high as 159. What is it with these clubs and their expensive sleeves?!’Lifestyle’ T shirts are far cheaper, as low as 12 for adult sizes; wallets, phone skins, slippers and such are also a bit more affordable, or for as little as 30 you could build your own miniature replica of Stamford Bridge!Valentine’s Day ideas for Arsenal fans Unfortunately for Gunners fans, the Arsenal shop is clean out of Arsene Wenger puffer jackets!Disaster, we know, but there’s other stuff on there too. Like the most expensive kit of all the top five teams, for example, the authentic match strips clocking in at a hefty 100 though they do have free custom printing.Much like all the other clubs, training gear is far cheaper than official strips.

Whatever comes out of that is cool. The way I try to represent my family and coaches, I think all are characteristics the league aspires to portray. That just who I am. Still too early to tell. Preseason magazine projections have the Illini pegged as one of the worst teams in the country, and in state recruiting for 2018 isn’t matching 2017. So far.

If you Google “30 Rock” and “McFlurry” you will find over 53,000 results. You just can’t buy that kind of buzz in a 30 second ad. Mr Walker labels this new approach “Murketing”, because it dabbles in the murky waters of the subconscious what Vance Packard called “subliminal seduction” more than 30 years ago.Stealth product placements, secretive YouTube sporting events tap into what Rob Walker calls “The Desire Code.” We have all heard the old chestnut, “You are what you eat.” The new paradigm is “You are what you surround yourself with.” From iPods to Red Bull, we are all deeply affected by these ad techniques whether we care to admit it or not.

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Father Roy Davis a current resident of College Park, Ga. teamed with NBA player Charlie Bell on the boys varsity squad in high school at Flint Southwestern. He later went on to make teams at Mott Community and Delta colleges and continues to encourage and support his daughter as well..

Intensity is one. Incline is another. All these things affect the calories you burn. Think for Kam, it doesn matter if he playing high school or college. He can put the ball in the basket in a variety of ways, Clatchey said. Think he have just a normal transition adjustment like most college players, [but] I think that will be over quick.

Als am 3. Oktober 1941 die Buicks des Modelljahrgangs 1942 vorgestellt wurden, war es praktisch f r jedermann klar, dass Amerika in K rze in den zweiten Weltkrieg eintreten w rde. Vom Start weg lief das Gesch ft extrem gut und Buick produzierte auf Hochtouren um der starken Nachfrage gen gen zu k nnen.

This summer, Lite will convert bottles to the original design, and by the end of the year the brewer will be “refreshing literally the entire brand identity,” Mr. England said. Schultz is the Chicago Bureau Chief at Ad Age and covers beverage, automotive and sports marketing.

“I love the kid. He’s got all the things you’re looking for. But he’s six feet tall, and when you’re six feet, it turns off a lot of college coaches,” said Cedar Cliff coach Jim Cantafio, who navigated the recruiting process for some of the best quarterbacks in District 3 over the past quarter century..

It helps organisations turn data into value faster, through the power of automation. Its first customer was Fonterra, then known as the Dairy Board, and which is still a customer today. It has thousands of customers globally including Nike, Tesco, Volkswagen and McDonalds.

Really? And what do you imagine the police would have done, besides nothing. If someone called and said the guys were carrying guns that would be different, but hoodies? Even the gloves wouldn have been enough. So they backed up and scared her, it not like they purposely tried to kill her, the cops would just think they didn see her, no big deal.

So sometimes they need to have some way to settle disputes. Where. It’s not subject the winds some government bureaucrat. Adams Woods currently resides in the Class of 2018, but said Friday night he would consider reclassifying into the Class of 2019. Syracuse has shown interest. Adams Woods, a left hander, can get into the lane, finish with either hand and is a willing and able on the ball defender.

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Fed up, I began logging an hour and a half on the elliptical early each morning in the empty campus gym. I dropped 20 pounds in three months. Unfortunately, I also tried several fad diets, which resulted in a year of ups and downs on the scale.So I spent the summer before my junior year studying body buildingsites, learning from fitness influencers, prepping meals, and eating clean.

(It also timed to coincide with the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics. But Nike does not have the marketing rights to use the word in its ads. The ad, posted below, was created by the Amsterdam office of Portland based Wieden+Kennedy. Foodim testified in court in Fayetteville on Monday that she and Barber share an apartment in Manhattan and are paying $4,900 a month in rent. The monthly rent is expected to go up soon to $5,200. She said the two of them have “negative $100 in a joint checking account, but added she receives $3,000 a month in child support from her former husband and a $500 a day rate doing freelance marketing..

By the following afternoon, this buyer’s remorse had morphed into full blown guilt. Clemence Gautier, an intellectual property consultant with law firm Tilleke Gibbins, took me on a tour of Bangkok’s Museum of Counterfeit Goods, a 1,070 sq. Ft. The proposal was panned by the left and the right. Groups who support restricting immigration slammed it as “amnesty.” Democratic lawmakers and immigration advocates rejected it as a “massive, cruel and family punishing overhaul of our current legal immigration system,” as New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez phrased it.

Is there a better way for the ownership group led by billionaire investor Josh Harris to position the team, besides being so bad the franchise gets good draft position? “I don’t think there’s an alternative approach,” Erving told me. “They are this far into it. It’s a three to five year strategy.

Fonctionner par catgorisation, par association ses avantages : Tu es socialement accept et comme dit plus haut il n a aucun risque de se tromper. C trs rcomfortant. Si le troupeau se trompe c que tout le monde c tromp alors aucun risque d marginalis style le niaiseux il s tromp pourtant on lui avait dit.

Asked about the incident, a senior police officer said. “Agrima father said that she was studying in her room and around 10 minutes before the incident, he had gone to bid goodnight to her and asked her to sleep as it was getting late. He then returned to his room.

If you are amazing enough not to, I congratulate you. Just make sure you can’t see the duct tape from the front of the backpack. There is usually one on the back, but that’s not the best place for it. Tierney platooned goalies last week against Canisius. That game somewhat resembled the Hopkins game as Canisius hung around even longer than Siena did against the Jays. Face offs are a key.

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Most people infected with West Nile virus show mild flu like symptoms or no symptoms at all. Less than 1% of those infected with the virus develop severe illness, but for some, especially those who are ill or have a weak immune system, it can result in neurological (brain and nerve) effects, paralysis, or death. The neurological effects may be permanent in some people.

Ithaca: 14. (Big Eyed Fish) No good wins and now loss to Nazareth has Bombers dropping. (corkscrew) 17. To the left of the Southern Living Garden, little Echo stares forlornly into a frog inhabited pond. A chatty girl, Echo made the tragic mistake of covering for the antics of the randy Zeus, causing his wife, Hera (see Vulcan), to condemn her to repeat the words of others. It’s hard for a girl like that to get a date, but the vain Narcissus was interested.

Find Manny Pacquiao comments abhorrent, the statement said. Strongly opposes discrimination of any kind and has a long history of supporting and standing up for the rights of the LGBT community. A congressman who is now running for Senate in the Philippines, made the comments to a television station that was asking candidates about their views on same sex marriage..

No gun. No crossbow. No dragging a dead animal carcass behind a truck to lure the animal out of its protected territory. On Saturday, Oct. 17, a group of athletes from the Hunterdon Lions Track Club (HLTC) journeyed to Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, to compete in the New Jersey Middle School Cross Country Championships. When the dust had settled, Hunterdon Lions Track Club walked away with an individual champion, and impressive performances across the board..

I love you stat guys. Seriously, I don’t know what I’d do in this column without you. You’re so easy to incite. That feeling was handed down through his forebears in hundreds of years of wandering. The Romer within him yielded to the German. As he did this symbolic changing,not a Romish soldier thought of laying him low with an arrow.

We’re really fortunate because the Adonia, the ship that we’ve purposed to Fathom in the Caribbean, is a small ship. It has about 710 passenger capacity. It’s really an intimate on board experience for travelers and a great education vehicle. The game famously favours players with good dribbling, acceleration and strength. The downside of this is that players like David Silva become very difficult to play effectively. He isn likely to outrun opponents, is good enough to work a shooting angle but due to low ish pace, is easily blocked or marked, and his shooting stats aren good enough to consistently pick out top corners from tight angles, or when marked.

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“It kind of puts things in perspective that life is precious,” First Sgt. Jeff Gordon with the Highway Patrol said. “If you get anything out of this, reach out to your neighbor, reach out to your friends. According to their guarantee, that counts as 8 top 10 placements towards your guaranteed 10. Let TMs say the SEO company offering this type of agreement does hit the mark on the top three engines plus a few extra everyone happy, right? The rankings were achieved, you happily continue to pay your monthly fees for the remainder of your 6 or 12 month agreement, but then you discover the guarantee is no longer valid because the agreed upon rankings were achieved. Get it in writing and understand every word of the contract before you sign..

Expenses that come with trying to make it to the big time.. Once you visit our website you will realise that all Nike shoes including men, women and children are all listed accordingly. It is possible to reach all types of conveniently and is extremely beneficial for both the buyer and the seller. Thus, your preferred kind of shoes are just a click away from you.

Stroup finished first in every event he entered at the county, region andstate level. A junior, he earned 40 of the Hawks’ 48 points, more than enoughto earn the Class 3A 2A team championship. He set state Class 3A records inwinning the 500 meters (1:06.6), 800 (1:58.1) and 1,600 (4:21.5), and the3,200 relay team set a record (8:14.0) regardless of classification.

Midatech Pharma Plc (LON:MTPH NASDAQ:MTP) has selected its preferred compound candidate for testing as a potential therapy for glioblastoma (GBM), a rare form of brain cancer. “The compound is under final evaluation with some key pre clinical studies to confirm efficacy before being progressed into IND enabling trials and thereafter full development studies. The AIM listed group acquired the drug in 2013, and had been working hard in both Europe and the US since then to support a change in the labelling of the anti toxicity treatment..

5 Maryland 63: Perry Ellis scored 27 points, Wayne Selden Jr. Added 19 and and top seeded Kansas topped No. 5 Maryland for a 79 63 NCAA Tournament South Region semifinal victory Thursday night in Louisville, Ky. James has been a star since puberty, growing up with a single mother and under the glare created by the Sports Illustrated spotlight. No cover jinx there. He was the consensus No.

“I look at it as a great opportunity,” said Tatum. “A team that was No. 1 in the East last season and has so many great guys and veterans, as a rookie I can come in and just be ready to work and learn from the great guys in the locker room.. Just like all wireless access points placement is the key to having seamless quality wireless coverage in you operations area. If a company says that its wireless network is slow or they are always losing connections they might have too many wireless access points in a small area. The WAP54g comes with two di pole omni directional antennas that emit a wireless signal in a doughnut pattern.

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Film actresses Shruthi and Sudharani will be part of the campaign and paintings by the students of Chitrakala Parishath in Bangalore will be exhibited in rallies across the state, Vishu Kumar said. Seminars and rallies will be held in all districts. The programme will be taken to all school and college campuses across the state..

“It’s been a blast,” said Kass on Friday, as he loaded a box of gloves for delivery to Grenade sponsored athlete Scotty Lego and others training on Mount Hood. Snowboarding Team, trains on Mount Hood last summer. Bretz has several sponsors, including Nike 6.0, the action sports segment of the Oregon based apparel and footwear company..

For years, Billy Jr. Would introduce himself as Billy Joe, not telling people his last name, because “I wanted to find out if people were genuine friends, or if they just wanted to go to the clubhouse to get autographs.” He developed a calculated aloofness until he was sure about people. He also found out that sometimes there could be no outrunning his father’s combative persona.

The Cuban born athlete has little money, no sponsorships, and no team behind him. He has spent tens of thousands of dollars earned as a Broward County firefighter to compete overseas, and often has to hoist his giant black fin bag on buses or subways to the races. These days money is even tighter than usual.

PORTLAND, Ore. The brackets and first round matchups have been released for the PK80 Presented by State Farm and Gonzaga will take on Ohio State in the evening session in its first game at Veterans Memorial Coliseum on Nov. 23. I lost a lot more than I won. In truth, that what usually happens for most of your career, until you break through and have a shot at making any kind of money. If you love BJ Bedford, or have just met her and now you intrigued, check her out in action at a NIKE SWIM party in Las Vegas (in the video below).

That hasn’t happened yet. We’ve only played each other at Honda down the stretch. We need a lot more of those type of battles, but in bigger events.”. As an ideal way of promoting customer relationships (Huang Benyoucef, 2013), Instagram is certainly an effective platform for your business in 2015. Despite many users being of a young demographic, it should be noted that thegrowth of social media is not limited teenagers, are members of Generation X are increasingly populating the ranks of joiners, spectators, and critics (Kaplan Haenlein, 2010). Witha heavy aspect of personalisation and the opportunity to converse with consumers, Instagram provides a fantastic way of gaining feedback, offering promotions, and heightening excitement about a particular brand or product.

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Thus the landscape was soon blanketed by countless Lululemon leggings with their colorful contrasting waistbands. The apparel industry quickly spawned a host of high end activewear companies producing $400 running tights and sports bras that could be mistaken for bondage gear. There are leggings that look as though they are stitched from leather and others with mesh inserts.

A timely growth spurt only enhanced Faust’s developing game. He kept those ball handling skills cultivated playing the point in youth basketball, and at the same time grew into a devastatingly effective shooter with NBA range. When Faust decided to transfer from John Carroll to City before his junior year, Knights coach Mike Daniel found out quickly that he had a future Division I player on his hands..

It blows my mind that you could think race and not think the truth. Don’t you have a conscious and think of the torture to the innocent animals as being wrong, illegal and indecent? Maybe not. Perhaps that is why you used the race card. Let’s not let one more patient or caregiver have to break the law or move to another state in order to help a loved one. Karla and I have already discussed both options should the cancer return. I am personally asking for your help with a “yes” vote on Measure 5..

“Neon makes a statement on the court,” LaCaria says. “If the pros are wearing it, people will buy it. There is a big demand for sportswear on and off the court. Would she have loved to play where her sisters played? They are very close. It would have been an awesome thing for her. But she also made it clear she wanted to play for UConn and Coach [Geno] Auriemma.

Parul le era prins cu o banderola in jurul capului, pe la mijlocul fruntii. Egiptencele din clasele instarite erau atat de mult imitate, incat evreicele ajungeau sa si rada capul si sa poarte peruci. Legatura catre textCele Mai Ieftine Haine Online: Pentru a sublinia talia, rochia a l’anglaise, adoptata catre 1776, punea accentul pe partea din spate; in locul cosurilor se va purta o noua armatura, numita simplu cui.

It easy for Hermiston residents to feel entitled to annual OSAA championships these days, and the wrestling program can be thanked for beginning that culture back in 2001 with its first team championship. Fourteen years and nine titles later the program is still defining the Bulldogs throughout the Pacific Northwest. That can be attributed to a great youth program, great coaching and incredibly dedicated athletes..