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But what we want in this instance is what we have always wanted from Woods, a full view. So that’s what we’re waiting for. Woods can’t currently play golf, not after his latest back surgery in April. I am not interested.”I am interested in what we do and what is best for us. It can be this way or that way. And all the stories around? You can not imagine how cool life is when ignoring them.

You can find low cost dance shoes for much less, frequently ranging from $60 $85 per pair. Moccasins produced of leather based would expand following a long use just as other leather based footwear. This is why you should give emphasis to choosing the correct match.

GOODMAN: I had one NBA guy tell me that him not playing doesn’t mean not that he’s a promise, but that he feels pretty good about the fact that he’s going to go in the first round somewhere. I agree with Fran, I think it’s a very, very smart move for him not to play at the combine, just do the testing where he’ll excel. To me, you would think Kentucky would kind of want him to play in a sense, if they want him back, because the knock on him from NBA guys that saw him in practice, they said he doesn’t have great feel.

“People kept saying: [La Belle Vie] is the best restaurant in Minnesota. We decided that if that’s what everyone thinks, let’s dive in. Let’s be it. Along the way, after we started Solera, I really saw that we were in a position to change how Minneapolis approached food, and it was really exciting.

Similarly, Tom Torriglia, a professional accordionist based in Italy who regularly plays in northern California, explained via e mail how he created National Accordion Awareness Month back in 1989: was established as simply as me deciding it would exist. While the National Onion Association is actively promoting the upcoming National Onion Ring Day, the organization curiously had nothing to do with its creation. Hopkins has 845,000 followers on Twitter, and his was named one of the 140 Best Twitter Feeds by TIME last year..

The couple now have two children, Sid, 7, and Rose, 5, and they live in a 1950s house in a “nice little neighbourhood”. Holmes, a mid century modern fanatic, collects 1950s objects. Gretchen is about to launch a fashion label.. Fudsud: combining the concepts of fast and ‘slow’ food in one chic, contemporary space. Try the pizza by the slice. Try two.

Rank this as the highest ever performance in my life, Kipchoge said. Aim of was to pass the message that running less than two hour marathon is possible. That message is really special to me. PENSEL,Christopher EdwardIn loving memory of Christopher Edward Pensel, 29 who lived life to the brim and was a magnet for people who filled his large cup of life with love, humor and kindness passed away unexpectedly Thursday, January 15, 2015 in his home in San Diego, CA. As a self proclaimed introvert, Christopher couldn’t help but light up rooms not just with his height but with his winning smile, wit and sarcasm which naturally drew a crowd. He received his bachelors degree from East Carolina University and traveled extensively.

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On Wednesday, shares of Walmart dropped 10%, the biggest drop in the company stock price in 15 years. The reason cited for the huge selloff was the company announcement that it expected revenues to be flat in the current fiscal year perhaps even decline the following year. And the reason given for why revenues are taking a hit is that after years of underinvestment Walmart is finally spending big money in key areas such as worker wages and its e commerce operations..

Think of it as efficiency. In more precise terms, geeks call it “IPC” for “instructions per clock cycle.” Intel has been able to get their chips to do more actual work with fewer clock cycles recently. Though Zen is expected to bring a great advance for AMD in the area, team Red has put out chips which have to be high clocked with gobs of cores just to be relevant because of weaker fundamental design.

Admittedly, there is a frisson of pleasure to be had from your sport spared from being the doping whipping boy du jour. Cycling is still attempting to ride out the Armstrong scandal. We hold our noses and turn resolutely away from the bad smell of his Lanceness that continues to linger.

The store is not formally connected to any denomination, but the Green family supports numerous Christian ministries and is behind the Green Collection, one of the largest private collections of biblical antiquities in the world. The family plans to permanently house the collection in Washington at a museum set to open in 2016. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver..

Not going to listen to an outsider over my father, over my uncle, over my cousin, they aren going to turn me wrong, even though we know they are going to stir them wrong. Guys are in plain sight but because i come out my door and speak and say hey Mrs Robinson how are you doing this morning. I go around the corner and color up.

1997. Consequences of following a mixed reproductive strategy in muskrats. Journal of Mammalogy, 78:163 172.Marinelli, L., and Neal, D. “We had a kid on the team who went to the WNBA Draft, she was the fifth overall draft pick,” Merchant said. “She was the highest draft pick in the history of Michigan State women’s basketball. In just three years she set the record for most points scored at Michigan State.

Throughout its run, “Seinfeld” has been a prime example of the widely differing viewing habits of blacks and whites. Despite topping the Nielsen charts among total viewers, “Seinfeld” ranks 50th this season among blacks. Conversely, the top three shows with black audiences this season Fox’s “Between Brothers,” “413 Hope St.” and “Living Single” flopped in the overall ratings and have been canceled..

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While it is still too early to tell exactly how the Internet of Things will unfold over the next few years, one thing is clear: data centres will play a critical role. Any IoT initiative will require a tailored data centre strategy that balances current needs with future growth and potential applications. CIO’s in particular will, therefore, need to think carefully about their data centre strategy to ensure it provides the flexibility, scalability, security, availability and connectivity that the emerging Internet of Things trend will demand..

Lists game winning TD catch against Cedar Shoals in 2007 as most memorable football moment to date . Also picked up three basketball letters as a center and team captain, averaging 10.2 points, 13.6 rebounds and 2.8 blocked shots per contest as a junior in 2007 08. Personal: Full name is Justin William Bryant Jones .

Pittsburgh Penguins ShopPittsburgh fans, show your support for your favorite team on the ice with official Pittsburgh Penguins t shirts, hats, jerseys and more. Your Pens have won back to back Stanley Cups. Show your support with official Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Champs apparel and celebrate this victory with your team.

That, in a nutshell, says all you need to know about Hofstra and No. Sunday at Barclays Center. The game, which ESPN will televise, originally was supposed to be the first sporting event at the renovated Nassau Coliseum, but plans changed in May because of delays in the arena’s progress.

ANAHEIM, Calif. An issue that last year sparked an executive fracas at Carl Karcher Enterprises appears to have been resolved. GB Foods Corp., operator of Green Burrito restaurants, announced an agreement with the renamed CKE Restaurants to begin testing Green Burrito products at six Carl’s Jr.

Setting and also hitting out of necessity for her team, the 6 foot junior led a Rams resurgence. She tallied 321 kills with a .388 kill efficiency and registered 41 blocks, 32 aces and 170 assists. Two time all DuPage Valley Conference. Like the kind of happy but short lived accident that could soon seem as dated as the Atkins diet or Crocs. But imagine if a company like Starbucks had been dismissed as a passing fad. Over the course of four decades, Starbucks grew from one small shop in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market to more than 6,000 locations in more than 30 countries across the world.

Spearheaded by Jon Cooperstein and his company, Performance Award Center, the suite process allows players to either take a shopping spree to a designated establishment or order items from a predetermined slate of items as long as the total purchased does not exceed the $550 allowed.Specifically, he told the story of an unnamed University of Alabama player during the Alabama Texas BCS championship game in 2010 who asked if we could fit a bowl logoed watch for someone else.And yet, the sports bloggers at Bloguin slammed the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas as one of the three worst swag providers in 2012 for going the gift suite route this year. Specifically, the site criticized the lack of creativity and said the Heart of Dallas Bowl is neck and neck with Vegas for taking the gift suite option unless something more original materializes in their package before it finalized.Meanwhile, Bloguin praised the Valero Alamo Bowl hosting Texas and Oregon State for including iPad minis alongside Fossil watches and a $100 Best Buy gift card in addition to a slate of smaller items. Coming in a close second was the Autozone Liberty Bowl, offering the coveted Sol Republic Tracks HD Anthem headphones valued at about $150 each plus a sweet Nike package and a Bulova watch..

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The key for Rich will be to a get Jeff Casteel to move out there, from West Virginia, t build a serious defense. If the AD out there gets out his wallet, the combination of a tough defense, and Rich out offense WILL make some noise in the league. Turn these rivalries into something positive.

A new report from Desjardins Capital Markets looks at the Score of Canada four major Canadian real estate investment trusts, a measure that could ultimately produce a higher market value for those REITs.Michael Markidis and David Chrystal, analysts with Desjardins, found that Canadian Apartment Properties had the best walk score of the REITs measure with Interrent finishing second.evidence suggests that higher walkability is positively correlated with market value. Holding other factors constant, we believe a similar relationship may exist for rent growth over time, the pair wrote in a 10 page report.The Walk Score is a measure that quantifies the walkability of a given address based on how close a person can get to certain amenities by foot. Walk Score was first created in 2014 by a Seattle group and creates a score range from 0 100 by analyzing 13 categories for amenities using google maps full points awarded for amenities within a quarter mile walking distance and destinations more than a mile receiving zero points.Trying to get REIT investors to think like a property investor and not a stock market investorCanada’s red hot real estate heats up apartment market to heights not seen in 30 yearsCAP REIT entire portfolio received a 71, which fits into the 70 89 range of the walk score.

But it does hold some truth as in general in most workouts we all seem to rush rush rush during the drill work. Which makes doing the drill work pointless. Plus being someone who is the most coordinated person doing drill work does get me off rhythm.

Ce matin par exemple, je me suis leve 6h00 pour faire le lunch de mon ado. D je le fait laveille mais bon, il m d au lendemain. Alors je me lve, je lui fait une belle salade et des lgumes et des fruits et j plein de choses qu aime pour finalement me rendre compte qu a tout oubli sur le comptoir, press qu tait de ne pas manquer son autobus..

Trump said Saturday that he believes North Korea will abide by its pledge to suspend missile tests while he prepares for the summit. He noted in a tweet that North Korea has refrained from such tests since November and said Kim promised not to do so through our meetings. Believe they will honor that commitment, the president said..

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Bearman, the Jonathan R. Cole Professor of Sociology, says that many of the stories are “exceptionally moving they’re rich with the sadness and hopes of real human beings.” But as an academic, he was interested in a very particular question: How do you know if an event becomes a turning point in someone’s life? Answering that question required that the study go on beyond the immediate aftermath of 9/11. About a year later, “We conducted roughly 200 follow up interviews,” Clark says.

A ground breaking ceremony will take place on Maunakea on October 7, 2014. To join the TIO as a full member, Canada must secure construction funds $300M distributed over nine years in the coming year. Of those $300 million, about half are needed to construct the unique calotte enclosure designed by Dynamic Structures Ltd.

“ISDS weakens the rule of law by removing the procedural protections of the legal system and using a system of adjudication with limited accountability and review. It is antithetical to the fair, public, and effective legal system that all Americans expect and deserve. Proponents of ISDS have failed to explain why our legal system is inadequate to the task.

J’ai besoin d’une ide pour m’identifier, de quelque chose de plus haut, de plus vaste. Nike construit un monde autour de l’ide do it qui reprsente une certaine vision l’audace, du dpassement de soi. Entrer dans ce monde, adhrer une ide, aller dans des lieux de la marque, adopter une srie de pratiques autour de la marque, c’est a performer la marque.

1979’s Secret Omen, featuring a disco fied re visiting of Cardiac Arrest’s “Find My Way” and the magnificently funky and slightly loony “I Just Want to Be” (a number three R chart hit), was stacked with fine album cuts and brought Cameo back as a group that excelled in the LP format. “Sparkle” was one of their best ballads, a sinewy number that hit the Top Ten. Five albums released between 1980 and 1983 (Cameosis, Feel Me, Knights of the Sound Table, Alligator Woman, Style) brought about a slight dip in quality on the album front.

The ad comes after Nike has had to sever ties with two other high profile athletes. It dropped Armstrong in October, before Armstrong himself came clean in January, citing insurmountable evidence that he participated in doping and misled the company about those activities for more than a decade. And in February it suspended its contract with Oscar Pistorius, the double amputee runner from South Africa charged with premeditated murder in the Valentine’s Day killing of his girlfriend..

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Nate Wolters, Antetokounmpo best friend on the team, was waived. Didn know all that would happen, Antetokounmpo says. Build these relationships, know these people, and then all of a sudden you get a text in the summer: not coming back. The 3 Best Brands On The MarketNow there are even more reasons for your dog to be the woof of the town. We’re not just talking about making your dog look cool but were talking real BONA FIDE protection for your best friends paws. It is now possible to protect your dog from harsh elements all year round..

The most glaring lineup change for Boston was not just starting Jerebko, who didn’t start a single regular season game, but playing the Swedish forward 37 minutes 11 more than his previous season high. Through three games of the series, Jerebko is now a +27 and has given the Celtics major boosts in two critical areas: defensive versatility, especially switching onto guards like Teague, and floor spacing, where Stevens’ team needs help because of the injuries to Avery Bradley and Kelly Olynyk. For those reasons it’s very obvious so far that Jerebko is a better fit for this series than the normal starter, Jared Sullinger..

[[html]]Sitting for long periods of time is bad for leg circulation. Truckers, in particular, can develop circulation problems because they are on the road for long stretches without movement or exercise. They drive daily for up to 11 hours at a time.

Very comfy, practical Bass dress shoes, all with a small heel so that I can wear regular length pants. One pair is black, one is gray and one is red. The black ones are the most practical. 100 meters is one of the toughest races, especially being a marathoner, McFadden said after she closed hard but failed to catch China Liu Wenjun on Sept. 9. 100 is really, really hard, so I was really proud with a silver.

One year ago today, the relentless visionary and innovator Steve Jobs passed away. Now you can celebrate his legacy with a Steve Jobs Tribute MacBook ($TBA; Auction). This extremely limited edition only three are being made MacBook Pro with Retina Display features the Jobs silhouette Apple logo design by Jonathan Mak carefully cut from the edges of the Apple logo, and Jobs’ “You can change things” quote laser etched on the bottom.

Nov. Santoro’s Books, 7216 Greenwood Ave. N., 206 784 2113. Le Cameroun fut la premire quipe limine en Afrique du Sud, avec zro point en trois matches, leur pire rcolte en six ditions de Coupe du monde. L’image de ce tournoi cauchemar tient dans la statue de cire de Paul Le Guen, le slectionneur, le visage crisp, constern de voir qu’aucune de ses consignes n’avait t respecte. “Il y a quatre ans nous avons t catastrophiques, avoue l’AFP Stphane Mbia, l’ambiance n’tait pas bonne, il y avait beaucoup de problmes.

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This car is pretty darn awesome. Its dealer liked to call it “the anti SUV” because it’s quiet and fumeless. “No oil changes, no starter motor, no radiator,” boasts Toyota’s Eric Doebert in Palo Alto. “It starts with Scott and his leadership and the staff he hired. I like the way the players have responded to that,” said UCF athletic director Danny White, who made Frost his first hire. “I know there is a tremendous amount of excitement among our student body and our fans because they can see how energized our football program is with the new uniforms, the new style of play, just kind of a new mojo a little bit among our football team.”.

Privateer said the calls to police often were delayed and the reports were unreliable. He said that on one occasion, police found that the woman was so drunk that they confiscated guns from her apartment to make sure she didn’t come to any harm. He told the jury, “it is for you to consider what she’s saying and why she’s saying it, and whether any of it can be believed.”.

Davis got things going early, catching his first pass for 26 yards on UCF’s fourth play of the game. He caught another ball for seven yards on the next play. Davis recorded his first touchdown on a 10 yard strike from quarterback McKenzie Milton early in the second half and he ended up with four catches for 53 yards during the 61 17 UCF rout..

The trials will test the automation of the new metro trains, equipped with Unattended Train Operations (UTO) and CBTC (Communication Based Train Control) signaling systems, which will significantly increase their frequency. The trial runs will be conducted between South Campus near Dhaula Kuan and Majlis Park. The 59 km long Pink Line corridor when operational will be the longest in the metro network and will connect Majlis Park to north east Delhi Shiv Vihar..

Obama has been a popular figure in Oregon since he visited during his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008. His speech before the May primary drew tens of thousands of people to Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland. At the time, it was the largest crowd Obama had attracted on his way to winning the presidency..

She says the gallery was particularly interested in highlighting the connection between aboriginal art and hip hop. “Since the ’90s, Vancouver’s been a hotbed of aboriginal hip hop where we see young musicians picking up hip hop as a form for storytelling, for political activism, for indigenous languages, so we wanted to build on that tradition that’s coming out of music,” Ritter said. “That’s really where the exhibition takes it cues and expands from there.”.

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Ethiopian farmer will sell a pound of coffee for roughly $1.45. The same coffee in the US, branded and sold by Starbucks, costs $26. Getachew Mengistie, the head of Ethiopia’s Intellectual Property Office, says that “the price differential is evidence that his country has been unable to capitalize onits intellectual property.

Has appeared in ads for Pizza Hut, Apple and Porsche and was featured in Toyota 2015 Super Bowl commercial, Great I Am . 2006, Ali sold 80 percent of the marketing rights to his name and likeness to entertainment and licensing firm CKX for a reported $50 million dollars. The brand changed hands several times and is now managed by Authentic Brands Group, which has inked several licensing deals including partnering with Under Armour on a clothing line featuring his likeness.

The family slowly acclimated Big Mama to a more natural outdoor life with a flock of free range chickens on their College Station property. Stephanie Sword told The Eagle that Big Mama maintained a few quirks from her indoor living years, such as refusing to go into the coop at times and trying to come inside the house. In bad weather, Big Mama could be seen taking refuge on patio furniture, Sword said..

J. Hottinger found L. Hottinger for 13 yards, but short of a first down. The investigation by the Justice Department Office of Inspector General (OIG) has to be understood in the context of the attacks on my credibility. The investigation flows from my attempt to explain the FBI involvement and my supervision of investigations involving Hillary Clinton. I was being portrayed in the media over and over as a political partisan, accused of closing down investigations under political pressure.

New Balance South Windsor offers the most highly trained staff in the business all so that they can fit customers perfectly. The store is family owned and operated and their goal is make their customers comfortable. They offer a custom fit experience which includes; taking three measurements of both the feet, doing a computerized foot evaluation, and watching you walk, all to ensure that they provide their customers with the best fit possible..

As long as you are in search of key Industry data and information that can readily be accessed, you can rest assured that this report got them covered. And emphasis is laid on the end users, as well as on the applications of the product. It is one report that hasn shied away from taking a critical look at the current status and future outlook for the consumption/sales of these products, by the end users and applications.

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Brains are story telling machines that interpret facts into predictive narratives. The law has incorporated this human ability to interpret stories right into our criminal law. Most criminal trials aren’t about what happened, but about why and how it happened.

What You Need to Know: Riccardo Tisci has been the creative director of Givenchy womenswear since 2005, but in 2008 he took over menswear, as well. Givenchy was also on our list of designers we think Kim will wear. And it wouldn’t surprise us if they both choose designs by the same label..

The Theme Park Capital of the World also has a tremendous range of shopping deals for Black Friday. Although there are plenty of big box discount retailers like Walmart and Target, Orlando has two huge Premium Outlets and a number of shopping malls, such as the Florida Mall, one of the country largest single story malls. Many of the city’s most popular shopping centers are concentrated along International Drive, including Pointe Orlando, Walmart Supercenter, International Drive Value Center and Festival Bay Mall.

Attack: Again, assuming Lintner returns, this should be a strength. He and Donovan had very strong years. Edmonds had a good year statistically, but he can be frustrating. Obama was in the state to visit Intel in Hillsboro. But Parker found a moment to tell the president something that the commander in chief undoubtedly was pleased to hear: The world’s biggest sports footwear and apparel company was on the cusp of bringing manufacturing jobs to the United States. With approval of a sweeping trade agreement affirms hints that company officials have offered for at least three years..

“OH HENRY!” Kathy exclaimed. You BIG HUNK, you are the MR. GOODBAR that I have been looking for!” “ABBA ZABBA” thought Hank as he kissed her BIG CHERRY lips. When you a fingerprint the iPhone will ask you to place your finger several times on the sensor. A notification will then pop up asking you to move your finger around so it can scan the outside edges and your finger tip. After 30 seconds or so you will receive a message letting you know your fingerprint is captured and you can use it to not only unlock your iPhone 5s, but also purchase apps and music from iTunes without having to type in your password each time.

Barcelona are the team of the moment, Europe’s finest. Fierce rivals to Real Madrid darlings of Catalonia. Second only to Real in terms of wealth, Barca are more than a football club they are a symbol of Catalan culture and passion. One person who’s not laughing so hard: Her father. “My dad didn’t like it. He said, ‘I’m glad you’re running, but I don’t like WHAT you’re running,” she says.

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Had a loyal, retired community shopper, but we weren’t encompassing everyone in Florida, Alves said. Needed to attract a wider audience. Outlet stores began unofficially in 1982, when the company’s department stores began the process of upgrading brands from the budget sections to what was known then as floor sections.

The United States tweaked its formation for the match. Morgan started up top, with Lloyd as an attacking midfielder with Rapinoe and Tobin Heath on the wings. Had success in its quarterfinal against China when it had Lloyd roaming up top and Brian back as a holding midfielder.

From little Chihuahuas to big Great Danes and everything in between, he says. Of our floors can feel a little bit like a dog park at times. There lots of dogs running around and playing with each other. Souza countered, effortlessly pushed the ball over the net to give PV a 28 27 lead. After a Vikings service error, the score was tied once more, until Pembroke sent a kill across the court away from the Cougars defense for a 29 28 lead. On the ensuing serve, Cassie Nickel made a diving stop for Foothill until Souza hit the final kill to take the first set, 30 28..

Yes, they do work with people who want to pay them to produce their music. Who wouldn when someone offers you $20k? It called business. As far as who they have signed to their actual label, it few and far between and they are a really talented group of people and not all of them are kids.

Amazingly, both the House and the Senate now appear to agree with Colombo. A spokesman for Kevin Brady, the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee and a Texan told the Austin American Statesman that the deduction is “the epitome of a special interest loophole” and that it was forcing taxpayers to “subsidize front row seats and luxury boxes for wealthy boosters.” Which is completely accurate. It is absurd to treat seat licenses like contributions to an engineering school, and it nice to see Congress finally acknowledging that..

WHITE CROSS will serve as an online platform that addresses the education problem in the Japanese dental market. By linking dentists, dental assistants and dental hygienists with dental companies, which provide new dental equipment and treatments, WHITE CROSS provides a space in which there will be a free flow of information on dental treatment technologies. Both parties will be able to upload media detailing procedures, thus providing greater access to information.

THE IMPORTANCE OF MARKETING STRATEGIES II 17Advertising: Clinches the Deal II 17Product Promotion is Vital II 17Deodorants amid Controversies!! II 18Packaging Enhances the Appearance II 189. STRATEGIC CORPORATE DEVELOPMENTS IN THE RECENT PAST APERSPECTIVE BUILDER II 40European Commission Clears Unilever Proposed Take Over ofSara Lee Business II 40Verdan Introduces New Multilingual Website for CrystalDeodorant Products II 40Helen of Troy Acquires Pert Plus and Sure Brands II 40Unilever Snaps Up Personal Care and European Laundry Businessof Sara Lee II 41Procter Gamble Acquires Zirh Male Grooming Brand II 41Wipro Acquires Yardley II 41CavinKare Forges an Alliance with Coty II 41KCM Brands Takes Over Tussy Antiperspirants and Deodorants II 41Alberto Culver Acquires Noxzema II 42GenTek Divests Reheis to Summit Research Labs II 4211. GLOBAL MARKET PERSPECTIVE II 52Table 4: World Recent Past, Current and Future Analysis forDeodorants by Geographic Region US, Canada, Japan, Europe,Asia Pacific (excluding Japan), Middle East, Latin America andRest of World Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual SalesFigures in US$ Million for Years 2010 through 2018 (includescorresponding Graph/Chart) II 52Table 5: World Historic Review for Deodorants by GeographicRegion US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia Pacific (excludingJapan), Middle East, Latin America and Rest of World MarketsIndependently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in US$Million for Years 2004 through 2009 (includes correspondingGraph/Chart) II 53Table 6: World 15 Year Perspective for Deodorants byGeographic Region Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales forUS, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia Pacific (excluding Japan),Middle East, Latin America and Rest of World Markets forYears 2004, 2012 and 2018 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II 54By Product Segment II 55Table 7: World Recent Past, Current and Future Analysis forStick Solid Deodorants by Geographic Region US, Canada,Japan, Europe, Asia Pacific (excluding Japan), Middle East,Latin America and Rest of World Markets Independently Analyzedwith Annual Sales Figures in US$ Million for Years 2010through 2018 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II 55Table 8: World Historic Review for Stick Solid Deodorantsby Geographic Region US, Canada, Japan, Europe,Asia Pacific (excluding Japan), Middle East, Latin Americaand Rest of World Markets Independently Analyzed with AnnualSales Figures in US$ Million for Years 2004 through 2009(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II 56Table 9: World 15 Year Perspective for Stick SolidDeodorants by Geographic Region Percentage Breakdown ofDollar Sales for US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia Pacific(excluding Japan), Middle East, Latin America and Rest ofWorld Markets for Years 2004, 2012 and 2018 (includescorresponding Graph/Chart) II 57Table 10: World Recent Past, Current and Future Analysis forSpray Deodorants by Geographic Region US, Canada, Japan,Europe, Asia Pacific (excluding Japan), Middle East, LatinAmerica and Rest of World Markets Independently Analyzed withAnnual Sales Figures in US$ Million for Years 2010 through2018 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II 58Table 11: World Historic Review for Spray Deodorants byGeographic Region US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia Pacific(excluding Japan), Middle East, Latin America and Rest ofWorld Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figuresin US$ Million for Years 2004 through 2009 (includescorresponding Graph/Chart) II 59Table 12: World 15 Year Perspective for Spray Deodorants byGeographic Region Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales forUS, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia Pacific (excluding Japan),Middle East, Latin America and Rest of World Markets forYears 2004, 2012 and 2018 (includes correspondingGraph/Chart) II 60Table 13: World Recent Past, Current and Future Analysis forRoll On Deodorants by Geographic Region US, Canada, Japan,Europe, Asia Pacific (excluding Japan), Middle East, LatinAmerica and Rest of World Markets Independently Analyzedwith Annual Sales Figures in US$ Million for Years 2010through 2018 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II 61Table 14: World Historic Review for Roll On Deodorants byGeographic Region US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia Pacific(excluding Japan), Middle East, Latin America and Rest ofWorld Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual SalesFigures in US$ Million for Years 2004 through 2009 (includescorresponding Graph/Chart) II 62Table 15: World 15 Year Perspective for Roll On Deodorants byGeographic Region Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales forUS, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia Pacific (excluding Japan),Middle East, Latin America and Rest of World Markets forYears 2004, 2012 and 2018 (includes correspondingGraph/Chart) II 63Table 16: World Recent Past, Current and Future Analysis forOther Deodorants (Creams, Gels and Wipes) by GeographicRegion US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia Pacific (excludingJapan), Middle East, Latin America and Rest of World MarketsIndependently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in US$Million for Years 2010 through 2018 (includes correspondingGraph/Chart) II 64Table 17: World Historic Review for Other Deodorants (Creams,Gels and Wipes) by Geographic Region US, Canada, Japan,Europe, Asia Pacific (excluding Japan), the Middle East, LatinAmerica and Rest of World Markets Independently Analyzedwith Annual Sales Figures in US$ Million for Years 2004through 2009 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II 65Table 18: World 15 Year Perspective for Other Deodorants(Creams, Gels and Wipes) by Geographic Region PercentageBreakdown of Dollar Sales for US, Canada, Japan, Europe,Asia Pacific (excluding Japan), Middle East, Latin Americaand Rest of World Markets for Years 2004, 2012 and 2018(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II 66..