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“Just trying to find consistency out of that (inside) group,” said coach Mark Few, who pretty much knew what he was getting from the quartet of Przemek Karnowski, Zach Collins, Williams and Tillie last season. “It’s maddening with those inside guys. You literally don’t know who is going to show up and play and who isn’t.”.

So have the recent recalls and legal problems seriously hurt the J image? According to YouGov BrandIndex service, which tracks public perceptions of brands, J rating has declined in recent years. In 2009, the company score a measure of whether consumers had a positive or negative impression of the company was 70.7 (the scale ranges from 100 to +100). By early 2012, it had fallen to 52.6.

Another really underrated quality of Saric is his IQ and understanding of spacing, on both ends of the floor. He’s an extremely competitive player, running the floor hard, boxing out and doing his best to make up for his physical shortcomings with aggressiveness and terrific timing. These traits help explain why he was such a prolific rebounder (11.7 per 40 this season), particularly on the defensive end, where he ranked second best in the Adriatic league per 40.

I would say that my biggest strength is my determination and focus. Once I get into competition mode I am really just focused on doing my best, and I try not to let anyone else’s performance effect the way I jump. I always try to do my best whether it is a big meet (nationals) or just a CVC meet..

He hasn’t gotten in any trouble, that’s No. 2. It’s important to keep your nose clean, especially in the sports world these days. There’ll be a whole bunch more television reporters and cameras than he’s probably had in the past. There had been a long of speculation about when, who, how.

Behnia, whose current office and lab are in the Northwest Corner Building on the Morningside campus, will move into the Jerome L. Greene Science Center on the new Manhattanville campus, alongside colleagues in a diversity of fields ranging from chemistry and biomedical engineering to theoretical neuroscience. She appreciates that colleagues working in different disciplines in the same building may encourage her to explore something she wouldn’t otherwise have considered.

Columbia University will confer six honorary degrees and recognize the alumni recipient of its University Medal for Excellence at its annual Commencement exercises on Wednesday, May 20. The recipients are:The chair emeritus of Columbia’s board of trustees, Campbell has served as the chairman of the board of directors of Intuit Inc. Since 1998.

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