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15 Missionary Church of KopimiAnd the best for the last! Sweden has officially recognised this congregation of file sharers as a religious community. But only after their application was rejected in three earlier attempts! The followers, Kopimists, are intellectual persons who believe that all information should be freely distributed. That the spirit of Kopimism.

“I think it’s a strong state this year. I think probably from a high school perspective, I’d say one of the better years. It’s a real solid year,” Meek said. Typically, earthquakes occur in a main shock aftershock sequence, with the first quake the main shock about a magnitude unit greater than the aftershocks. But the earthquakes over the past eight days have had relatively similar magnitudes and no clear decline in energy. The quake Thursday was stronger than many that preceded it at magnitude 3.6..

The arrests, made throughout the District and Prince George’s County Monday, are major developments in the otherwise quiet three week investigation that began after Betts was found dead April 15 in his home on Columbia Boulevard in Silver Spring, the victim of at least one gunshot wound. Both have been charged with first degree murder, armed robbery and the use of a handgun in a felony crime of violence. Deontra Q.

There is undeniably an evolutionary human attraction to watching men demonstrate power, speed and strength while playing any sport. Men are made up of a greater amount of muscle mass than women, and are typically stronger, physically speaking. That is simple biology.

To separate the colony from the ant colonies, Nasir wrote, colonies will remain where they are as separate individual colonies whereas the Human Colony would be interconnected and constantly communicating, working as one super organism. Ant colony concept was born out of Mr. Nasir vision of a future workforce he believes will be predominantly knowledge based and made up of highly specialized, self employed professionals all of which will have a very specific role to play within their work environments.According to Mr.

He shaved his locks off for Elysium, a new sci fi movie co starring Jodie Foster, and he looks great.But he a superstar, and you, well, aren No worries, the bald look isn just for millionaire movie stars. It a style for anyone who wants a stronger look. Whether you need to shave your head (receding hair line) or simply want to, almost any man can take it all off.Did You Say Almost?”The main concern is the shape of your head,” says New York Salon Pour Hommes owner Martial Vivot, who has worked on the heads of many hairless men, including Bruce Willis.

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