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Upon further investigation, they found a cage next to the dog that had a small brown and white puppy in it that was dead, and appeared to be frozen solid. The bottom of the cage was covered in the dog’s waste that looked to have been there for days. There was a food bowl in the cage that looked like a plastic take out food container, and it was turned over and crushed..

Am the number one human being in music. That means any person that living or breathing is number two. Going down as a legend, whether or not you like me or not. Nike, on the other hand, beat you at your own sports performance game. The 60 second spot for Nike Sparq (Wieden Kennedy, Portland) that ran last night on “American Idol” (granted, a spot on “Idol” also costs a fortune, not as much as a Super Bowl ad, but Nike has the budget for it) was fantastic. I thought the Nike Football spot “Leave Nothing” was exhilarating, but “My Better” topped it.

This years design was done by the race director by posterizing a photo of the two dogs running in a dog park. One of the dogs was the race director dog littermate Daisy Mae. Each entrant also received a goodie bag with gifts from PETCO, Kraft Foods, Milk Bone and Morris Animal Inn.

There have been repeated incidents of threats and vandalism at the Bellevue mosque and others in recent months. A man was charged this week with a hate crime for threatening people there on Jan. 6, and a granite sign outside the Muslim Association of Puget Sound in neighboring Redmond was damaged twice..

Since the 1970s, the horror genre has suffered through a slow and steady decline. Year by year, decade by decade, the once fertile ground for innovative, original cinema has gradually shifted from the left field to the mainstream at the price of its decisive cutting edge. Arguably beginning in the late 70s with John Carpenter’s Halloween, the horror film stumbled through the blood soaked (and arguably misogynistic) gratuity of the 1980s slasher films, into the smart alec postmodernism of the 1990s and now into the new century where it can’t quite decide what it is: grim and gritty like last year’s Saw or big, dumb and reverential like 2003’s Cabin Fever more.

The definition of the airman Jordan is a player who has elegance, energy, art and ability. Because of Michael Jordan, NBA superstar has another definition. Nearly all over the world commit the best basketball player is Michael Jordan. I didn’t have time for the helmet, so I used a black t shirt for a ninja mask. Just pull the shirt over your head like you’re going to wear it, but only pull it down until it sits on your nose. Then pull the back over your forehead.

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