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The Beaverton, Ore., athletic footwear company secretly gathered many of the key people involved with the original Nike Mag in a soundstage on the Universal Studios with a couple dozen journalists and bloggers from around the world many flown in by Nike at the last minute to reveal the 2011 Nike Mag, and talk about how it and its fictional doppleganger came to be. The discussion touched on the early incarnations of the shoe, the origin of the name, why creating shoes for the silver screen is important for real life shoe design and just when we might expect some honest to goodness self lacing Nikes. Few excerpts from my conversation with Hatfield: Nike ended up in “Back to the Future Part II”.

Most of what has been good about China over the past generation has come directly or indirectly from its factories. The country has public money with which to build roads, houses, and schools especially roads. The vast population in the countryside has what their forebears acutely lacked, and peasants elsewhere today still do: a chance at paying jobs, which means a chance to escape rural poverty.

The board decided at a Dec. Candidate city but wanted to further evaluate the four bids. Formal application papers do not need to be filed with the International Olympic Committee until Sept. Steve Williams, a retired King County Park Ranger, spent decades managing Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park near Newcastle. Not far from the park Sky Country Trailhead, Williams recently described what took place in the now forested area. The 1950s and sixties, this was actually a missile launch site for the Nike program, Williams said, intercept what they thought would be atomic bombers coming to the United States from Russia..

First is the growing inequality visible within developing countries. Growth has done wonders to reduce poverty around the world, but it also raises tensions, he said, adding that the number of incidents in China increased from 10,000 in 1994 to 80,000 in 2004. Inequality among developing countries themselves is another concern, with emerging global economic powers like China and India at one extreme, and Africa and Central Asia at the other extreme..

Reading and listening to news reports on President Bush’s National Guard service during the Vietnam War, one might falsely conclude that the National Guard never served in Vietnam. One also might get the impression that National Guard service is soft and made up of nothing but second rate soldiers and airmen. Nothing could be further from the truth..

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